The right pool and spa chemicals are an investment in your backyard enjoyment.

To that end, we are proud to offer professional-grade Pool Boss, Spa Boss, and Aqua Finesse, chemicals – products guaranteed to keep your pool and/or spa safe and sanitary.


Pool Boss products include:

pH UP – reduces eye and skin irritation due to acidic water.
pH DOWN – maintains the effectiveness of chlorine sanitation.
Cal-Plus – raises calcium hardness, preventing corrosion and etching.
Alka-Plus – stabilizes pH to allow chlorine to work more efficiently.
– prevents chlorine loss due to sunlight.
– non-chlorinated shock treatment.
Formula 500 – algaecide treatment.
Super-Tabs – chlorine tablets.
Pool Shock – unstabilized chlorinating granules.
Quick Clear – super highly-concentrated clarifier.


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SpaBoss and Aqua Finesse products include:

Spa-Shock – a non-chlorine oxidizing shock treatment.
pH Reducer – a water-soluble pH reducer.
pH Booster – a water-soluble pH booster.
Brominating tabs – powerful protection against bacteria with no eye irritation.
Brominating granules – one-step bromine sanitizer.
Alka-Rise – boosts alkalinity to protect against corrosion.
Spa-Tabs – effective bacteria control.
Chlor-Aid – stabilized granular chlorine.
Prevent II – a weekly stain and scale control formula that helps eliminate cloudy water.
Brom-Aid – part one of a bromine sanitation solution.
Energize – part two of a bromine sanitation solution.
pH Stable – a balancing product designed to maintain a stable pH.
Cal-Rise – designed to raise calcium hardness, reducing instances of foamy bubbles.
Spa Clear – restores water clarity.
Defoamer – prevents foaming.
Ultra-Spa – water conditioning and clarification.
Cartridge Cleaner – a filter cleaning solution.
Spa Polish – a surface cleaning solution.


We also offer a wide array of accessories for your pool or spa!

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