We love our pool. The Griggs take any worries about pool ownership
away so we can just enjoy it!


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Winston and Ryan Grigg installed our salt water pool and built our fence and pool house. The Grigg family and their crew have been wonderful to work with — integrity has been the single characteristic that has defined every moment from the initial advice, quote, installation, regular water testing, annual opening and closing and occasional maintenance.  We love our pool. It was a great decision and the Griggs take any worries about pool ownership away so we can just enjoy it!

Trevor & Eleanor Marshall
Quispamsis, NB


If you want honest, reliable, fair, top-notch service, you can’t go wrong with Grigg Pools. From the initial estimate, to the excavating and preparation, to the maintenance and upkeep of your pool, you will find knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous staff who are always available to answer any and all questions promptly and efficiently. They can build your pool shed / house and fence if you like and they will even find places to store equipment (e.g. solar blanket/covers) in the off-season safely and securely and will loan you pieces of equipment ( e.g. Kreepy Krauly ) if yours is damaged or being repaired. They have a full complement of pool supplies, can test your water, and are excellent at educating the pool-owner in day-to-day pool care. It is a pleasure dealing with such a professional team. I highly recommend them for your pool installation, maintenance, and yearly opening and closing. They sure take a big worry off your shoulders!

Todd Chedore
Quispamsis, NB


Winston Grigg was involved with the original design and installation of the pool almost twenty years ago. The Grigg family over the years have taken care of the maintenance of our pool. Several years ago they converted our pool to a salt water system. We absolutely love the salt water!!! We highly recommend anyone with a regular pool system to definitely look at the conversion to salt water. It is a much kinder system to you, your skin, and your bathing suits.

Grigg Pools have opened and closed our pool every year. At the start of the season Rosalie does a water test and starts us off on the right foot for an enjoyable summer. Just follow the basic instructions and you are on your way to a positive pool experience. Now if they could just guarantee us a long warm summer that would be great!!! because they take care of everything else.

Anne and Bob Downey
Quispamsis, NB


We contracted Grigg Pools to build our swimming pool in 2011. It was clear from the beginning, Ryan does not cut corners and takes pride in delivering quality. He’s upfront, honest and genuine. We respect and appreciated that Ryan was onsite every day and minute of the pool construction. He is not just a business owner looking after company sales, he is onsite building and servicing the pool. When working with others involved in the design and construction of our dream backyard, Ryan was professional and had our best interests in mind.

Peter Johnson
Grand Bay-Westfield, NB


   So friendly and helpful!!

   Denise Levesque-Miller


   A hot tub is not only a fun addition to your back yard but an investment in your health and well-being. There are certain factors to consider when finding the hot tub that fits your needs. Grigg Pools makes sure you understand all the options and benefits.

   Jeff Baxter