Maintenance services are a key component of our after-sales customer support program.

One of our most popular service is pool and spa water analysis – so drop in with your water sample!


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Rosalie’s golden rules of pool maintenance

Rule 1:  you need to keep your pool clean, clean, clean.

At the beginning of the year you must manually vacuum your pool and backwash the dirt out of your filter. We recommend you continue with a weekly manual vacuuming. Automated vacuum systems are good for occasional cleaning.

After opening your pool you also need to have your water tested and balanced. This will start you off on the right foot.

Water clarity is achieved through:

  1. Balanced water chemistry (PH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Stabilizer, Sanitizer Level)
  2. Proper filtration

For example, if you have a dirty pail of water, simply putting bleach in the bucket will not remove the dirt out of the bucket. Regular elbow grease with regular manual vacuuming is needed.


Rule 2: swim!

An unused pool is difficult to keep clean and clear. Circulation is key.


Rule 3: Never let your pool be depleted of sanitizer.

Whether its bromine, chlorine, or salt, it only takes hours for a pool to turn on you, when there is nothing fighting algae.



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