Is your spa ready for winter?



Now that it is getting colder and snow is on its way, it is time to prepare your spa by draining and refilling with fresh water. There are certain steps to draining your spa that we will outline below.

Step 1: Remove your spa filters and deep clean them with AquaFinesse Hot Tub Filter Cleaner Tabs. Cleaning your filters is simple and should actually be done on a regular basis to ensure proper hot tub functioning. Think about it? Your filters trap the particles that float in your water and to ensure they can do their job, they cannot be clogged with dirt and debris.

Step 2: Before draining your spa, it is very important you use AquaFinesse SpaClean – a powerful hot tub purge that removes biofilm, slime, grime, debris and calcium that has built up over time in the spa plumbing, equipment, and fittings.

Step 3: Drain your spa!

Step 4: Use SpaBoss Spa Polish to clean and polish the surface of your spa and SpaBoss Restore to clean and protect your spa cover.

Step 5: Fill your tub with fresh water and work with a water care professional to balance the chemistry of your water and add SpaBoss Prevent II, a stain and scale treatment, to eliminate stain and scale formation on the spa and spa equipment.